Lawyer Robert Meyen's Efforts Against Product Piracy and Counterfeiting in Germany

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06/10/2024, Neuss, Germany // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

The illegal trade in counterfeit branded goods is a significant global problem, with the United Nations estimating sales at almost a quarter of a trillion euros annually. Platforms like have made access to counterfeits easier than ever, even for small suppliers. In Germany, one lawyer is addressing this multi-billion euro industry.

Robert Meyen, an intellectual property lawyer and partner at the law firm Marken Medien Meyen, has made combating product piracy, counterfeits, and trademark infringement a focus of his practice. With his specialized expertise and tailored anti-counterfeiting strategies, Meyen has assisted numerous companies in protecting their brands from illegal copying and brand piracy in Germany.

"Product piracy extends across various sectors, from software and clothing to life-saving medicines and critical automobile or aircraft components," said Meyen. "These counterfeit goods pose threats not only to companies' financial health but also to consumer safety. We take a proactive approach to addressing this issue."

Meyen's anti-counterfeiting approach is multi-faceted. A key preventative measure is pursuing border seizures of suspect goods attempting to enter Germany and the EU. Meyen files applications with customs authorities providing details on his clients' trademarks, designs, patents, and other intellectual property to enable vigilant monitoring of imports.

When suspect shipments are detected, they are promptly seized through the border seizure process. Meyen's firm then swiftly responds, initiating further civil actions such as demands for destruction of the counterfeits, injunctions against the importers, claims for damages, and criminal complaints where appropriate.

As an intellectual property specialist, Meyen is knowledgeable about the different types of counterfeits his clients face. These include "slavish forgeries" aiming to exactly duplicate the brand name and product, "plagiarism" copies with similar brand spoofs, and "classic" counterfeits using the legitimate brand name but inferior ingredients or manufacture.

In addition to border seizures and civil litigation, Meyen stated criminal prosecution provides another tool, with intentional trademark violations punishable by up to 5 years in prison. "The criminal cases often reveal key evidence and intelligence about the counterfeit networks that we can then leverage in civil actions," Meyen noted.

"We see the fight against piracy and counterfeiting as essential for our clients' rights and revenues, consumer safety, fair competition in the marketplace, and the reputations of brands and companies," concluded Meyen. "Our goal is to make product piracy legally hazardous and financially challenging, deterring illegal counterfeiters from this activity."

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The law firm Marken Medien Meyen, based in Germany, specializes in all areas of intellectual property law. Their team of experienced lawyers offers services including trademark registration and prosecution, copyright protection, licensing and technology transfer, as well as litigation for infringement cases. With a focus on personalized attention and innovative solutions, they help clients develop, protect, and leverage their intellectual assets.

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