Marquis Robinson is Creating Major Innovations in Wholesale Real Estate

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / Many people are overwhelmed with a strong desire to change their given situation. Yet at the same time, they feel that the tools necessary to do so are too complex or simply unavailable to them altogether.

Marquis Robinson is very familiar with this feeling of having to overcome adversity. Growing up in rural south Georgia, Marquis made his way through his undergrad in college with an initial desire to teach and give back to his struggling community. Along the way, however, he found his love for real estate and entrepreneurship.

Marquis initially allowed his interest in business to take a backseat in favor of more direct teaching and community impact, but he later found that his growth as a real estate professional and entrepreneur allowed him to have an even greater impact on his community. Taking what he learned in business, Marquis utilized youtube and other avenues for mentorship that enabled him to pass on his knowledge and reach out to others looking to make a change.

With a focus on entrepreneurship, and building generational wealth. Marquis found he had a whole new sense of control in his life. Having this freedom allowed him to maximize his efforts while simultaneously taking charge of his impact on the community.

Just two years ago, he began his real estate investment journey and quickly built a six figure business. Immediately understanding his success, Marquis began releasing his educational courses. He saw these courses as tools that would help other people find similar success in their lives.

Recognizing certain areas of the real estate investment market as a low barrier of entry and easily achievable avenues of success, Marquis wanted to make these opportunities more widely known to those looking to change their circumstances.

A large portion of Marquis's coaching centers around the idea that there are no limits in what a person can achieve. He wants all people interested in business to understand that they have the power to enact that change in their lives and they have significantly more control than they think they do.

In his own life, Marquis has utilized this control by understanding the variety of avenues for success in the market that extend beyond the traditional real estate agent positions. For Marquis, the strategy most beneficial in his life came through wholesaling real estate.

With wholesaling real estate, Marquis would focus on finding off market properties and work with distressed sellers to find value for all parties involved. In doing this efficiently, he creates a win/win/win situation. A win for the seller since they are desperately trying to liquidate their asset, a win for the next buyer who is looking for a new property, and a win for Marquis since he is charging a fee for his services.

The strategies and inner workings of excelling in this process make up his business's core educational course: Wholesale Mastery 101. With this program, Marquis has enabled his students to absorb the necessary knowledge and go out and make businesses of their own with great success. He believes that with his expert understanding of the business, as well as the accessibility of the market, that others can utilize his program to find similar success in their own lives.

Looking to provide even more value to the market, Marquis and his organization recently began developing Skip Source, a software company designed to elevate efficiency in his field. By providing numbers & emails for agents and investors to contact prospects in their market, Skip Source is designed to cater to the novice investor, expert, and agents who are looking to maximize their profits and provide more value for their clients.

Growing his passion into a business that has now evolved into other businesses all dedicated to enhancing the community around him, Marquis is able to realize the impact of his efforts and industry. Entrepreneurship and real estate has changed his life for the better and allowed him to accumulate multiple assets. He wants you to know that you can do the same if you believe, stay focused, and have strong faith. He firmly believes that anyone has the ability to overcome their situation and become a champion in their field.

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Written By: Troy Thomason

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