Arkady Frekhtman Is Changing The Many Stereotypes Behind Lawyers By Focusing On His Firm’s Clients And Their Stories Above All Else

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / Lawyers typically get a bad reputation when it comes to their line of work and what they do on a day to day basis. They are seen as people who are mostly in it for the money rather than helping people. Arkady Frekhtman, on the other hand, is interested in the human beings that he works with rather than the money. He focuses on their very human experiences to help them in court. He is working hard to change the mindset around lawyers as well.

"As a NYC trial lawyer with a team of attorneys who help seriously injured victims and their families, I aim to change the stereotypes of personal injury lawyers being ‘ambulance chasers.' Sure, some are. But many lawyers are passionate warriors for justice. This tort reform myth has been perpetrated by billion-dollar insurance companies to simply save their money. They don't want to pay survivors and their families the true value for the harm their policyholders caused. Ultimately, insurance companies are businesses and want to save a buck. It's unfortunate they have launched this ‘ambulance chaser' smear campaign for years in order to do it. We don't call brain surgeons money grabbers even though they easily charge $100,000 for a surgery that takes a couple of hours. It is my hope that this misperception changes because the real victims are the seriously injured people who are unable to get full justice. My team and I work closely with our clients to tell their human story to a jury." Arkady explains.

In law school, Arkady had an interest in all types of law, but what stuck with him was the ability to help injured individuals who would otherwise suffer. He truly wanted to help people who had been hurt in one way or another. Because of this, he started working in a firm and was then inspired to open his own law firm to fight for people in the way that he wanted.

"I always enjoyed studying all types of law, especially Criminal law, the Constitution, political science, and History while in school. After law school, I worked for a firm for about 2 years and then decided to start my own small firm. In the last 20 years, the firm grew, and we now employ over 20 people. The main motivation for starting the business is a passion to help serious injury victims and their families," Arkady remarks.

The way that Arkady differentiates himself from the competition is that he takes time to really know his clients. For Arkady, what matters most to him is making sure the human element comes through and that he gets their story to come through in court.

"We are different because we are smaller, and we take the time to really get to know our clients and tell their human story at trial. We visit their home or do virtual meetings during pandemic times. We get their photos, circle of friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others who can explain how their life changed after the trauma. We also are relentless in our pursuit of discovery from the defendant and their insurance carrier. We use outside methods, including investigators, Freedom of Information searches, and others to obtain as much knowledge and information about the issues in our case as possible," Arkady says.

Arkady is working on many projects this year despite the slowdown caused by COVID. He is working on expanding his current marketing efforts and expanding beyond traditional injury cases with a strong focus on serious injuries, as well as other areas of personal injury law.

"We have many projects underway. We are expanding our marketing efforts. We are continuing to focus on serious personal injury practice areas such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and truck accidents, & construction site accidents. We have also launched a successful mass torts practice helping abuse victims against the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, World Trade Center 9/11 fund victims, and others affected by dangerous drugs and devices," Arkady states.

To find out more about Arkady, you can follow him on Instagram here. You can also check out his website here.

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