Use Your Life Purpose as a Guidepost During These Troubling Times

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2020 has been a heck of an uncertain roller coaster ride

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Knowing why you do what you do matters

Rookieplay, under any circumstance, will help you find your dream job that fulfills your life purpose. Even with Covid!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 27, 2020 / -- Even in the best of times, corporations and big businesses are too cost-conscious and focused on optimizing time, processes, and resources – including human resources.

At present, the job market is exceptionally stressed, and everyone from big corporations to SMBs is prioritizing expenditure and resources. It's a matter of survival for many of these businesses.
So right now, the ultimate focus isn't on the individual or personal considerations of employees. Naturally, corporate or business heads have their priorities and purposes mapped out both for the short and long term. But what about you? What is your purpose in life - be it personal or career-wise?

Change is Natural and Instinctive

Surviving the pandemic and attaining personal safety are top priorities for everybody right now. The consequent realignment of priorities has injected a certain degree of uncertainty in our lives.

This is a new situation, and we are all coping the best we can. But at some point, you will be forced to question or even redefine your purpose in life. What you should know is that this is only natural. It's merely our survival instinct that fosters the desire to grow – even in these challenging times.

A Strong Sense of Purpose Life is Key to Progress and Success

Your purpose in life acts as an anchor to keep you grounded and focused on your goals, ambitions, and desires. Now, more than ever, your purpose can serve as a guidepost to better face uncertain times and make sound decisions.

A strong sense of purpose can give you the direction and clarity you need in troubling times. Consequently, you feel more motivated to go the extra mile!

People with a strong sense of purpose are more resilient and recover from adverse events quickly. They don't let stagnation affect their lives and their work. They find a better way of working and accomplishing their purpose and goals in life.

The Importance of Living Your Purpose at Work

Research carried out during the pandemic suggests that people who were "living their purpose" at work were 5 times more likely to enjoy higher well-being levels (than those not having a clear cut purpose). The research also concluded that the earlier group of respondents reported much higher levels of engagement at work.

Link your Happiness with your Professional and Personal Aspirations

Rookieplay's proprietary machine-learning software builds custom profiles based on individual communication and engagement with job postings. Think of it as Tinder for your careers.

We recently teamed up with Astral Consulting Group to create a dedicated and highly customized online job search platform - for those seeking a career/job shift.

Why Rookieplay? We suggest jobs that serve more than just putting food on your plate - they feed your souls. Our mission is to help you discover a better life and gain a sense of happiness in your profession!

Discover Your True Purpose in Life with Rookieplay!

True happiness and success come when you understand your purpose in life. Do you need help to discover what would genuinely make your career fulfilling?
Connect with Rookieplay today, discover your purpose, and find your dream job!

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