Kishore Pallapothu launches ChoozeHire, an AI-based platform that simplifies recruitment

HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 27, 2021 / -- Silicon Valley based entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kishore Pallapothu has come up with a unique platform which brings a revolution in the way companies would recruit in the future. This AI-based platform automates most of the tasks in the hiring process, making it much simpler. ChoozeHire was first launched in 2017 and since then, it has been growing in popularity. The platform currently boasts of an increasing number of clients, with more and more companies implementing AI technologies.

What are the challenges that ChoozeHire helps to address?
ChoozeHire has certainly been a giant leap in the field of recruitment and HR. Kishore Pallapothu developed the platform aiming to solve several problems often faced by companies while recruiting new employees. According to the client companies, ChoozeHire has already helped them against these challenges.

The recruiters generally tend to get biased towards or against the candidates based on their appearances, behavior, ideas, etc. In most cases, this proves to be counterproductive as it often causes them to dismiss skilled candidates and pick applicants they personally like. ChoozeHire eliminates this biasness altogether as AI wouldn’t consider those details while selecting the candidates. The platform would only carry out the selection process based on the criteria it is assigned to check, thus providing the clients with a diversity of skilled employees.

Often, companies receive over a thousand job applications. It becomes extremely strenuous for the HR department to sift through all these applications, select the right ones and then invite the qualified candidates for the interviews. The entire process is quite time-consuming and costs the HR personnel considerable effort. However, ChoozeHire is capable of scanning through hundreds of thousands of applications and giving the results in a matter of minutes. This saves the HR department significant time and energy, allowing them to focus on other matters of importance.

Choosing the right candidates is a difficult task too and calls for experienced recruiters. However, Kishore Pallapothu has equipped the platform with intelligent AI which is capable of thinking like such a recruiter. ChoozeHire offers customised recruitment strategies such that the platform can cater to the needs of various companies. This allows it to assess the skill levels of the candidates, carry out the preliminary interviews and maintain databases.

The growing popularity of ChoozeHire
In the contemporary fast-paced world, every business is looking for ways to hasten their recruitment process. ChoozeHire comes as a boon for these companies, delivering efficiency in terms of productivity and time. Naturally, it has been widely accepted by brands in various sectors and continues to grow in popularity. Another factor which has contributed to this popularity and acceptance is the level of security this platform offers. It has been designed with security and compliance features that leading companies such as the ChoozeHire clients expect.

Beyond recruitment
The function of ChoozeHire isn’t just limited to recruitment. It is also capable of carrying out onboarding tasks such as providing the new recruits with various information and training the employees regarding the latest technologies. This one-of-a-kind platform by Kishore Pallapothu has set a great example that other startups in the future are expected to follow.

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