Free Writing Prospectus

Filed Pursuant to Rule 433

Registration No. 333-190955

Relating to the Preliminary Prospectus Supplement dated February 1, 2016

(to Prospectus dated September 3, 2013)


Starbucks Corporation

2.100% Senior Notes due 2021

Pricing Term Sheet

February 1, 2016


Issuer:    Starbucks Corporation
Ratings (Moody’s/S&P/Fitch):*    A2/A-/A
Format:    SEC Registered
Ranking:    Senior Unsecured
Trade Date:    February 1, 2016
Joint Book-Running Managers:   

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC


Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith


Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc.

Scotia Capital (USA) Inc.

HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.

Rabo Securities USA, Inc.

Blaylock Beal Van, LLC

Loop Capital Markets LLC

The Williams Capital Group, L.P.

Principal Amount:    $500,000,000
Maturity Date:    February 4, 2021
Settlement Date:    February 4, 2016 (T+3)
Interest Payment Dates:    February 4 and August 4, beginning August 4, 2016
Interest Payment Record Dates:    January 20 and July 20
Benchmark Treasury:    UST 1.375% due January 31, 2021
Benchmark Treasury Price/Yield:    100-02; 1.362%
Spread to Benchmark Treasury:    +75 basis points
Yield to Maturity:    2.112%
Coupon (Interest Rate):    2.100% per annum
Price to Public (Issue Price):    99.943%

Optional Redemption:   

The notes will be redeemable at the Issuer’s option at any time prior to January 4, 2021 (one month prior to their February 4, 2021 maturity date), in whole at any time or in part from time to time, at a redemption price equal to (A) the greater of (i) 100% of the aggregate principal amount of the notes to be redeemed and (ii) the sum of the present value of the remaining scheduled payments of principal and interest on the notes being redeemed (exclusive of interest accrued to the date of redemption) discounted to the redemption date on a semiannual basis (assuming a 360-day year of twelve 30-day months), at the Treasury Rate plus 15 basis points, plus (B) accrued and unpaid interest on the notes being redeemed to the redemption date.


At any time on and after January 4, 2021 (one month prior to their February 4, 2021 maturity date), the Issuer may redeem some or all of the notes, at a redemption price equal to 100% of the principal amount of the notes to be redeemed plus accrued and unpaid interest on the principal amount being redeemed to the date of redemption.

Change of Control Repurchase:    Upon the occurrence of a change of control triggering event (which involves the occurrence of both a change of control and a below investment grade rating of the notes by Moody’s and S&P), the Issuer will be required, unless the Issuer has exercised its option to redeem the notes, to make an offer to purchase the notes at a price equal to 101% of the principal amount plus accrued and unpaid interest to the date of repurchase.
CUSIP/ISIN:    855244 AJ8/US855244AJ85


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