How Efficient Is Jucer Product EV Charging Cable Type 2

Jucer is passionate about EV [Electric Vehicle] technology. Their mission is to empower Australian EV owners to move forward, dream big and live better. They offer an array of BEV [Pure EV] and PHEV [plug-in Hybrid EV] charging technology products designed to charge fast. 

Jucer products are manufactured as per Australia/New Zealand Standards [EESS] in China. They are designed to align with charging capabilities for Type 1 & Type 2 charging stations for BEV or PHEV with Mennekes sockets. The cables can handle harsh climates like rain or heat without compromising their charging capabilities.

EV charger types and other products Jucer offers include –

  • EV type 1 [SAE J1772] to type 2 [IEC 62196] charging adapter.

  • EV charging cable Type 2 - Mennekes [IEC 62196].

  • Type 2 to 2 coiled charging cable.

  • Type 2 portable charger

  • Bundles 1, 2, 3, & 5

  • Fast charging stations

Jucer products are CE and TUV certified. The EV charger types are compatible with BMW, Audi Etron models, Mercedes Benz EQ, KIA, Hyundai, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Taycan, Volvo, and more. They are compact, safe, and convenient charging cables offering a quick and seamless charging experience for active Electric vehicles and Hybrid-car owners. 

As there is a scarcity of charging stations around NZ and Australia, there is a need for EV charging solutions in commercial premises. Jucer offers a wide range of charging station solutions for commercial purposes and even residential buildings.

Jucer offers EV Charging Cable Type 2, which is high output connector. It operates at a max of 22 Kwh. It is suitable with type 2 sockets for every EV and PHEV vehicle mentioned above. It is a highly advanced charger featuring seven-pin connections at both ends. 

The type 2 charger operates at high temperatures. The material is highly durable and effective, so offers convenience to every EV owner. Its specialty is that the cable operates at 50°C and even at 30°C.

The EV Charging Cable Type 2 is essential to charge vehicles at different destinations like parking stations, shopping mall parking, gyms, etc. around the city. The charger is well-matched with almost every charging station. It can work not just on a single phase but even in 3 phases. It means cable supports charging cars at 7Kwh to 22Kwh. 

Fast chargers are classified into 7 kW and 22 kW. Charging speed depends on the vehicle’s onboard charger. The 7kW charger recharges the 40kW battery within 4to 6hours, while a 22 KW charger takes a couple of hours. For parking stations at the mall prefer 7 kW chargers but if there is a need to reach soon for trips and meetings choose 22 kW cable. 

Buy type 1 or type 2 EV cables from Jucer at reasonable rates. The cables are available in 5 m to 8 m in length, which is suitable for cars parked at a distance from the charging port. The cable's length does not impact the vehicle charging speed at the charging port. 

Jucer is proud in offering high-quality EV charging accessories. It is an Australian registered trading company and for any queries - contact their dedicated team at

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