Building a Stable Trading Environment, Safeguarding User Fund Security – BIKING Takes Action!

As a new form of currency in the future digital financial society, cryptocurrencies exist, and with the expanding volume of cryptocurrency transactions, security issues on trading platforms in the trading center link have gradually surfaced. Recent incidents of hacker attacks targeting cryptocurrency exchanges have posed significant threats to the operation and asset security of these platforms.

During the early stages of the digital economy, trading platforms play a pivotal role, acting as the link between global premium projects and a vast user market. Therefore, in terms of trading security, cryptocurrency exchanges should consider it as the lifeline for their own survival.

BIKING, renowned as a global futures trading platform, is not only known for its futures market success but also for its philosophy of responsible and secure operations. It has even been praised by players in the futures market as the safest futures market among trading platforms, highlighting BIKING’s unwavering commitment to security.

Amidst the recent surge in security incidents on trading platforms, BIKING realizes the need for significant upgrades to its own platform’s security system to cope with an increasingly complex trading environment. BIKING will optimize and adjust from three aspects – user interface, backend database, and data storage encryption – to create a stable and secure trading market environment for global users.

Strengthening Visual Front-end Security Systems

BIKING’s trading platform front-end system comprises five modules: configuration, data parsing, rules, operations, and error handling. BIKING employs a Web front-end engine for intrusion detection and prevention, mainly used for web applications, known as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The purpose is to enhance the security of web applications and protect them from unknown attacks.

Backend Database Firewall

BIKING’s database firewall system is a database security protection system based on database protocol analysis and control technology. It is deployed before the database servers, addressing issues on both the database application side and the operational side. BIKING’s database firewall is based on an active defense mechanism, implementing access behavior screening, blocking dangerous operations, and reviewing suspicious behavior. It effectively defends against database security risks, including data dragging, database collisions, SQL injection attacks, etc.

Distributed Storage Encryption

BIKING encrypts distributed storage data based on user scenarios in different sections. Specific implementation methods include host software encryption, secure exchange machines for encrypted storage, and distributed encryption devices.

In addition, BIKING collaborates with third-party security organizations, implementing DDoS defense, anti-traffic cleaning, anti-CC, and intrusion defense, among other security protections. It also has a team of financial product experts and technical security experts, meeting international standards for risk control. BIKING provides services such as due diligence on digital assets, project ratings, futures audits, risk assessments, etc., ensuring multi-dimensional security and risk control.

Currently, BIKING’s trading platform has self-developed over 60 security and risk control patents. It collaborates with security entities such as SlowMist Technology, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, etc., to further build a system service with strict standards and multiple risk controls. Ultimately, it aims to provide professional, secure, and stable digital asset trading services to users worldwide.

Apart from security development, operational services are also a key focus for BIKING. To ensure users have a comfortable trading experience, BIKING has established a premium customer service team, offering 24/7 voice support for premium users. Users can also contact BIKING’s professional customer service personnel through various channels such as online chat, email, phone, etc., to receive timely assistance and services.

In the future, BIKING Coin King will introduce more derivative products and customized services around Web3.0 technology, catering to the diverse trading needs of enthusiasts in different digital domains, such as DAO, META, NFT, Gamefi, etc.

In conclusion, BIKING’s trading platform is a cryptocurrency futures trading platform highly favored by futures players. Alongside rich products and high-quality services, it possesses robust security technology to tackle various market crises, ensuring user funds remain secure. It is an experience worth trying for every futures enthusiast.

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