DEW Introduces DewStand, an Innovative Water Technology

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DEW provides a unique source of pure water through innovative technology.

DEW, a California-based company committed to creating a sustainable future, aims to achieve its goals with revolutionary air-to-water technology. DEW delivers integrated water solutions that have a huge positive impact on our environment.

“We strive to meet the ever-evolving needs of our covered markets through innovation.  It is at the core of our beliefs, says the spokesperson for DEW. “We capture water from the air, the purest, cleanest, and safest drinking water Mother Nature offers. We offer DewStand in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial models.”

According to Consumer Reports, bottled water contains high levels of arsenic and other types of heavy metals. Consumption of bottled water can cause serious health problems, including heart ailments and cancer. Exposure to a high level of arsenic in pregnant ladies can result in congenital disabilities in the child.

The corroded pipes through which water flows can contaminate it and render water unfit for consumption. Bacteria and viruses from serving jugs can degrade the water further. 

DEW offers a healthier alternative to tap and bottled water with DewStand. It is a futuristic water cooler that provides pure H20 that has never touched the ground or any other surface.

The DewStand is a state-of-the-art Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). It is designed to provide purified water from the air in an indoor environment. 

DewStand has revolutionary high-tech features and comes with an elegant design. It is easy to use and needs very little maintenance, making it ideal for use in all situations and environments.

DEW creates a natural source of water. Users can make water onsite with this revolutionary product. Water from DewStand has essential minerals and offers a healthy source of hydration with an excellent taste and an optimal pH.

DewStand works by drawing ambient air into the unit while keeping away dust particles and other viruses and bacteria. It employs a proprietary condensation stage that dehumidifies the purified air and circulates it back into the room. This condensation process generates dew which is collected and sterilized.

This water undergoes another advanced, sophisticated purification and mineralization process to remove all traces of contaminants. The treated water has the perfect taste and offers a range of health benefits.

DewStand offers users a variety of options. They can use the friendly touch-screen to get the purest form of water.

“We have perfected the most Eco-friendly water solution that does not deplete nature's resources and does not harm the environment,” the spokesperson added. “By eliminating the use of plastic bottles. DewStand helps eliminate the use of plastic bottles, which often end up in landfills and oceans. With their long decomposition time, they pollute the environment and harm wildlife.”

The company has released new products recently. DewStand is now available for residential applications, too, in the form of a dispenser. Earlier, the company serviced only bulk orders for military, industrial and commercial applications.

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About DEW:

DEW, based in Irvine, California, is the creator of the revolutionary DewStand, the state-of-the-art Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). It is designed to provide the purest form of water through the air from the environment. DewStand can be used in homes, offices, and industries. It has a simple operating system and requires minimal maintenance.

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