Pain Behind Broken Vases, A Remarkable Book by Amilia Powers

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Pain Behind Broken Vases, A Remarkable Book by Amilia Powers

Life is about choices, and our one decision is enough to transform our life drastically!

Life is like a rollercoaster. One moment it can be as calm as a peaceful sea and can turn into a devastating storm the other. And it has been the same since humanity came into existence. However, that does not mean going with the flow and does not make an attempt to change or transform your life for your betterment and well-being. One needs to make certain decisions to be able to move on and live peacefully and happily!

And “Pain Behind Broken Vases” will shed light on the same. Based on a true story, the remarkable book will take you on a journey of motivation and self-discovery.

It tells the tale of Amilia, a widow who, after grieving the death of her belated husband for a number of years, hoped and dreamed that she would someday be able to experience true love once more. And when that day finally came, she experienced a moment of hope—when a man who would take good care of her and love her the way she had been loved before.

She mistakenly believed that to be incredible love, but sadly, it was actually a source of suffering for her. She was afraid to let go because she loved him and wanted the relationship to work. All she could think about was the first time they met—because she really wanted someone to love and care for her. Will she be able to pull it off? Will she be able to hold herself together and move on? Will she be able to escape the agony before it is too late? There are numerous questions, yet the answer to this quandary resides within her own decisions.

"Pain Behind Broken Vases" will keep you glued to your seat from the first paragraph.You will experience firsthand what it is like to have nothing but fear to cling to. You will be walking alongside Amilia as she compels herself to act, aware that this is her only chance of surviving.

About the author:

Amilia is a very active person who is devoted to her role as an inspiring mentor because she has a strong desire to help others. She has worked with clients in either individual or group settings and forums to help them transition through life. She believes that there are no regrets in life, only opportunities to learn from mistakes caused by poor choices. With this at the heart of her inspirational healing and transformational practices, Amilia is committed to reaching out to anyone in need as they navigate the challenges of their life. She supports and encourages her clients as they work to overcome their challenges, grow in self-awareness, and develop a stronger sense of self-love to live happier, healthier lives.

So head to Amazon to purchase “Pain Behind Broken Vases,” and inspire yourself to be more resilient and self- compassionate in order to overcame the challenging and dark times.

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