Thyseed Introduces the Most Convenient and Best Bottles for Mom and Babies

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On June 1st, International Children's Day, Thyseed participated in the Prego Expo held in Seattle, marking its first entry into the North American market. This event represents a significant milestone for the Thyseed brand. Thyseed's booth was strategically placed at the front row of the event entrance, attracting a large number of attendees. Nearly 500 visitors came to the booth to learn about the brand's story and experience the products firsthand. The audience showed great interest and enthusiasm for Thyseed's products. In addition to the expo, Thyseed also conducted a week-long local market survey and interviews with American consumers in Seattle.

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The booth saw a constant stream of visitors, each stopping to communicate with the brand ambassadors to learn about Thyseed and experience the products. The most popular product on display was the Nipple Shield. By the end of the event on June 1st, followers on the official social media were more active and gained a better understanding of the Thyseed brand. Additionally, Thyseed collaborated with three content creators on-site. These creators not only conducted surveys but also actively shared the gifts provided by Thyseed on their social media platforms.

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The most concerning issues for users at this event included bottle materials, cap replacement, sales channels, discounts, and design. Thyseed received a lot of love from overseas users, and garnered positive experiences and reviews from many attendees at the event.


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Babies need extra care and attention, especially when they are feeding, so that they can grow up healthier. To make things more convenient and easy for mothers, Thyseed is here with its latest invention: the best baby bottles. The company specializes in baby feeding products, and with the mission of 'Design from Love,' it has successfully created a baby bottle line. Moving the baby from natural feeding to bottles is a hard challenge that the company and its newest invention make a lot easier. Drinking from a bottle is a process that requires patience, and ensuring the bottle has superior quality greatly aids in this process, which Thyseed ensures by providing the utmost convenience. The company’s baby bottle is the best bottle for naturally fed babies due to its premium quality. The bottles are made with super soft liquid silicone, which makes it easier for the babies to grasp them. The silicone material also feels incredibly soft on the baby's skin, giving them a sensation similar to human skin. Additionally, the feeding bottles come in skin-colored Thyseed Brown, so that while holding onto the bottles, the babies can feel as if they are being fed by their mothers. The company always prioritizes quality over everything, which results in 100% customer satisfaction and is also the reason behind its success in the market. For these feeding bottles, Thyseed focuses on the slogan "Thyseed makes feeding easier", and throughout the entire process of making the bottles and sending them to its clients with care, the company ensures the slogan is followed and fulfilled.


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The baby bottles have introduced a revolutionary design in the market as well.The bottles come in a lifelike nipple design, making it easier and extremely comfortable for babies to feed. As transitioning to bottle feeding is a necessary yet challenging step in the baby's growth process, it requires patience and understanding from both the children and the parents. This feeding bottle is specially designed with this necessity in mind. The design mimics lifelike nipples so babies can adjust well to the bottles, thereby simplifying the process of bottle feeding.

Thyseed was founded in 2015, and since then, the company has led a persistent journey of growth, innovation, and premium quality. The parent company, Beijing Shenchuang Century Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-technology enterprise that integrates maternal and infant product R&D and sales and was founded on April 25th, 2013. Just after two years of immense hard work and success, the company launched Thyseed, where the product philosophy was "Design from Love." Interestingly, the company continues to uphold the same philosophy or mission, helping it maintain its advanced technology, superior quality, and design. In its glorious 9-year journey, the company has won numerous prestigious awards for its sustainable and advanced designs, such as the 2024 iF Design Award, Good Design Korea, "Golden Point Design Award," and many others, gaining recognition both domestically and internationally. However, this is not the only achievement of the company; to date, over 2 million mothers from all over the world have chosen the  bottles from Thyseed.

The company has also formed a deep strategic cooperation with the global silicone manufacturer Wacker AG from Germany. This ensures the company's production is much safer for custom-made liquid silicone material. The number one reason behind the company's massive success in the market today is its commitment to safeguarding babies' safety with extreme care in materials and manufacturing techniques. At the same time, its journey with innovation and technology is not finished yet, as it continues to produce innovative products with mesmerizing services, making the lives of new mothers and babies especially easier to a great extent. The slogan of presenting every design with and from love is quite evident in how the company operates.


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Partnering with Wacker AG from Germany ensures Thyseed is never out of safe soft silicone raw material. It brings innovativeness and uniqueness to its design too; the bottles have three safety pillars of all silicone with no sharp edges, making it safe for babies to hold onto. Furthermore, all products of the company undergo safety tests by SGS that ensure safety from leaving the manufacturing factory to the customers' hands. Thyseed cares for its consumer list and deeply considers babies, placing them in high regard in the market.

This event marks the starting point for Thyseed's expansion into the American market. The brand founders were personally present at the event, engaging in deep conversations with each guest, which played a highly positive role in the successful execution of this event. Thyseed extends sincere gratitude to all attendees. They view this as the beginning of establishing deeper connections with their target audience. In the future, Thyseed plans to share highlights of the event through social media, press releases, or other channels to garner more attention for upcoming activities.

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