Wisesky W-Cat Air Purifier Launches in the Market: A Blessing for Cat-owning Families

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Currently, most air purifiers on the market are designed for humans, and there isn't one specifically for pets. Wisesky offers a perfect innovative solution by launching an air purifier specifically designed for cats.It keeps humans healthy and is also beneficial for cats. These air purifiers are particularly useful during shedding seasons when cat fur is everywhere, providing an excellent solution, These purifiers use modern technology and innovative designs, such as HEPA filter systems. The W-Cat is specifically designed for cats, perfectly addressing the hassle of cat hair flying everywhere during shedding season, More importantly, it can quickly and effectively absorb cat fur from the air, Equipped with a powerful motor, it is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The Wisesky W-Cat Air Purifier is currently gaining attention from many users.


W-Cat Air Purifier All for cats

Most households with cats face this problem: cat hair is everywhere in the air and on the floor, even on clothes, and sometimes it even floats into food. The Wisesky Cat Air Purifier is specifically designed to address this issue. It maintains a clean environment and purifies the air during shedding seasons and other times of the year. Equipped with a HEPA filter, it swiftly captures cat hair, dander, and odors from the air.

With its 360-degree visible large grid intake, all floating hairs are fully visible, allowing you to clearly see the condition of the filter. The filter of the Wisesky cat purifier is prominently exposed at a 360-degree angle, enabling you to see how much floating hair is present in the air before and after use.With its columnar large grid, it effectively attracts floating hairs in a 360-degree field of view to the filter, preventing them from sticking to the surface of the machine and falling onto the ground.

The noticeable reduction in floating hair in the air has eliminated household allergies, and the cat's fur has become softer, with no instances of hairballs or diarrhea.


Cats love to chew on all the wires in the house, including data cables and power cords, posing a significant risk to them. To address this, W-Cat opts for a braided split power cord that is not easily bitten through by cats, making it more suitable for them. The 24V low voltage ensures safety even if the cord is bitten through. The machine automatically cuts off power when overturned, eliminating any safety hazards. The touch screen button on the top of W-Cat is placed on the side, using physical buttons and featuring a child lock function for added protection against accidental cat contact.

The top of W-Cat features a concave design, an ideal choice for cats to sit on, scratch-resistant, urine-proof, and leak-proof. The air outlet blows out clean air, preferred by cats, and also serves as a hair care two-in-one, with negative ions blowing out healthy fur, over 5 million negative ions gently nurturing, making the cat's fur smoother and less prone to tangling.


Innovation in Air Purification: More Than Just Reducing Cat Fur

WISESKY W-Cat “MEOW BUDDY” is a perfect solution for air purifying which goes beyond reducing cat hair from the air. The filtration system is capable of absorbing 99.97% of 0.1um airborne particles and decomposing effectively which no traditional filtration system can do. The cat air filter can effectively decompose many elements from air such as PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2, VOCs, TVOCs, and many others. The air purifier comes with high-efficiency activated carbon filters which are capable of absorbing any kind of smell, pet odor, as well as cooking odors. Just like the grille inlet with spoiler plaid design helps to absorb floating participles in a few seconds, it can also absorb smell quickly, keeping the air fresh and clean.

Innovation in Creating a Safe Environment for Cats

Cat owners would know how cats can sometimes be frightened by certain sounds of machines. Considering their need, the WISESKY W-Cat Air Purifier comes with a Stress-Proof FIXED SPEED mode which prevents cats from getting frightened by the sound. It is quieter than regular air purifiers and comes with a Quiet mode which can offer great sleep for the cats. If the purifier tilts 45 degrees, it will automatically shut off, as the sensor detects the tilt.The Meow Buddy is Intertek certified and can considered a professional pet purifier which comes with a lifetime warranty. Comprised of smart technology, the purifier comes with PM2.5 and TVOC sensors dual monitor that can monitor indoor air quality 24*7. It offers 3 3-color air quality indicators that display AQI in real-time. The owners can easily control the purifier with the help of the WISESKY-App where they can find 9-speed simple control. The purifier also comes with a Light-off mode which shuts down the ring light to not irritate cats’ eyes. WISESKY W-Cat “MEOW BUDDY” is proving its name with its handful of advanced features. This product is currently available for purchase on the official website, and the first 200 buyers will receive free filters and screens. If interested, you can visit https://t.ly/eaKVu.

Wisesky thrives a bring a change for cats and their owner by offering them healthy air and lifestyles, The Company has utilized innovative technologies which made its purpose more effective and user-friendly. Visit the official website https://wisesky.com/ to know more.

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