San Francisco Bay Brand at Interzoo 2024—— From Farm to Tank , Leading the Way in Frozen Fish Food

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05/03/2024, Newark, CA // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Since 1968, San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. (SFBB), founded by Schmidt family, has been a pioneer of frozen fish food in the US for over half a century, offering fresh, farmed, and all natural products. SFBB has thrived by providing a diverse range of premium frozen foods, including Brine shrimp, Bloodworms, and Mysis shrimp.

SFBB's journey traces back to the discovery of brine shrimp as an optimal fish food at the Steinhart Aquarium. Today, SFBB's Brine shrimp, favorite food of many fishes, becomes the top choice for customers due to its nutrient-rich, highly palatable features.

SFBB's new launch——Nibble Bits and Fun Feeders.

Nibble Bits, the tablets are consist of freeze-dried brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and micro pellets, once absorb water, the pellets release slowly and this feature allows fishes experience new feeding frenzy. Nibble Bits ensures optimal nutrition and vitality while enticing a feeding frenzy with its high palatability.

Nibble Bits are consumed completely by fish during release, leaving no leftovers to pollute the water and promotes a cleaner aquatic environment. Nibble Bits offers a holistic solution for fish feeding, combining formula innovation, nutrition, and environmental sustainability in one convenient package.

Fun Feeders are a formulated Fun Sized Pellet in our new patented Dispenser that helps the fish keeper to not overfeed their aquarium with controlled release of small amounts of pellets with our easy click feeder. This makes for a healthier Aquarium with reduced overfeeding. Fun Feeders come in 5 varieties for both fresh and saltwater fish.

We also offer Formula Bits, combined the legendary formula one and two, blending flakes and pellets. Once absorb water, the pellets release slowly with the high-flavored flake food, improves the palatability to most delicate marine fishes.

Headquartered in Northern California, SFBB's ongoing research and development initiatives keep it at the forefront of the frozen food industry, providing superior nutrition for aquatic wildlife.

Visit SFBB at Hall 1-307 at Interzoo 2024 to elevate your aquatic care experience with our premium product line. Engage with our experts and stay updated on the latest trends in aquaculture.

Contact Information:

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc.

Phone: +1 (510) 792-7200

Fax: +1 (510) 792-5360



Address: 8239 Enterprise Drive, Newark, CA, USA

contact person:Doug King

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