Shares of Tupperware (NYSE: TUP) Reach “Meme Stock” Status After 450% Surge Over Past Month

The Unexpected Rise

In an unexpected turn of events, Tupperware’s (NYSE: TUP) stock has seen a massive surge, skyrocketing over 450% in the past month. Tupperware Brands kicked off 2023 just over $4.00 a share, but proceeded to see a slow gradual drop below $1.00 through mid-July. Suddenly, shares of the food storage brand saw a 35% jump on July 21st and has continued its unprecedented rally over the past now ten days. TUP shares opened at $0.68 on July 21st and have since jumped to $4.27, as of the close on July 31, 2023.

This surge has left many investors and market analysts puzzled, as the company’s financial health has been in question for some time. This sudden increase in stock price has been largely unanticipated due to the company’s recent struggles.

The Meme Stock Phenomenon

The sudden rise in Tupperware’s stock price seems to be driven by the meme stock phenomenon, a trend where retail investors, often coordinated through social media platforms like Reddit, invest heavily in a company, causing its stock price to inflate. Tupperware’s stock has been highly shorted, meaning many traders were betting on its price to fall, which makes it a prime target for a short squeeze, a strategy often employed by meme stock traders. This phenomenon has been seen with other companies like GameStop (NYSE: GME) and AMC (NYSE: AMC), and now it seems Tupperware has become the latest target.

TUP Stock Chart; Source:
TUP Stock Chart; Source:

Tupperware’s Financial Struggles

Despite the recent surge, Tupperware’s financial situation has been precarious. The company has been struggling with declining sales and even warned in April that it was on the brink of bankruptcy. The New York Stock Exchange notified Tupperware of its noncompliance with the exchange’s rules due to its low market capitalization and average closing price. This situation has led to speculation about the company’s future and has made the recent stock price surge even more surprising.

The Role of BlackRock

In early July, BlackRock, a major investment management company, stepped in as an investment partner to Tupperware, possibly to help manage their debt load. However, no significant changes or announcements have been made since then, leaving the cause of the stock price surge largely unexplained. Despite BlackRock’s involvement, there has been no indication of a company turnaround or the finding of an eligible buyer.

Tupperware’s Business Strategy

Despite these challenges, Tupperware has been focusing on strengthening its core business model and extending its reach. The company sees its largest opportunities in emerging markets, which were 70% of its 2018 sales. Tupperware is particularly focused on growing its sales in China and India, where a growing middle class desires aspirational brands and products. This strategy aims to capitalize on the opportunities in these markets and offer an earnings opportunity to women where there is lower employment outside the home.

The Risk of Investing in Meme Stocks

While the recent surge in Tupperware’s stock price may seem enticing to some investors, it’s important to remember the inherent risks associated with investing in meme stocks. These stocks tend to be highly volatile, with sweeping highs and lows. Investors are advised to exercise caution and thoroughly research before investing. Libra Investment Services warned that investors in Tupperware face a high risk of loss.

The Future of Tupperware

Despite the recent stock surge, Tupperware’s future remains uncertain. The company’s shares are still down nearly 40% over the past year, and it’s unclear whether the recent surge will have a lasting impact on the company’s financial health. As Tupperware continues to navigate its financial struggles and attempts to grow its business in emerging markets, only time will tell what the future holds for this iconic brand.

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