How FatBrain Is Giving Small Businesses A Competitive Edge In Big Data

For companies like Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), IBM (NYSE: IBM), and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) big data is a part of their core processes. These companies have the capability to hire entire tech teams to manage big data, technological advancements, and the security threats that come with the territory. They can afford to hire people that graduated at the top of their class at MIT to help navigate the world of big data. For small businesses with fewer resources, big data can seem unattainable.

Big data is a broad term used to describe extremely large, hard-to-manage volumes of data. When effectively leveraged, big data can be analyzed for insights to improve business decisions and strategy for a company. Being a data-driven organization in a growing technological world is essential to succeeding and driving revenue. However, without the proper tools to analyze big data businesses would be missing out.

Big data can be integral to providing solutions in industries like retail, healthcare, finance, marketing, and education; but, only 24% of executives say their company is data-driven. This tells us that big data is being used primarily by large corporations.

Small-to-medium-size enterprises, also known as SMEs, make up over 90% of businesses worldwide and approximately half of employment. In the U.S., SMEs account for 44% of all US economic activity and produce the bulk of GDP output. These companies deserve the opportunity to use big data in a safe, simple, and secure way to become data-driven companies with expanded solutions and output.

FatBrain Is Making Big Data A Possibility For SMEs

FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.) (OTCQB: LZGI) is eager to bring big data into the SME space. FatBrain markets itself as “AI for Everyone” and caters to SMEs. The company is interested in simplifying decision-making for SMEs and giving them the power to harness big data and AI to grow, protect and expand their businesses.

Since SMEs do not have the same technical expertise, staffing, and secure infrastructure that large technology companies like Microsoft or Google have, FatBrain has created AI apps that can help bridge the technological divide and not leave SMEs in the dust.

FatBrain is known for widening AI options for SMEs. The company has created a RansomProof AI app that ensures small businesses will be safe from cyberattacks; the free app is leveling the playing field between big businesses and SMEs. FatBrain has also launched an FX Transaction app that allows SMEs to optimize their foreign transactions and save money.

FatBrain has now acquired the assets of Zero2A PTE LTD ("ZeroTrust"), a software company based in Singapore that is an expert in confidential computing and privacy. ZeroTrust platform provides secure privacy-enabled data collaboration for enterprises. They have created data-led platform that makes it easy to deploy secure, private, and collaborative technological environments built on their public and private cloud infrastructure.

"All companies need cloud economics to accelerate innovation, but many get stuck trusting their data to others," said Peter B. Ritz, co-founder and CEO of FatBrain. "The ZeroTrust platform guarantees trust and fosters cooperative innovation to join the Peer Intelligence network, to harness opportunities while minimizing risks.

When dealing with big data, especially for SMEs that lack tech departments, sensitive data has to be accounted for and protected. When valuable data is properly protected, big data solutions are effective. FatBrain is making big data accessible to SMEs through its new acquisition of ZeroTrust.

FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.; OTC: LZGI) is the first and leading provider of powerful and easy-to-use AI solutions to millions of businesses of tomorrow driving the majority of the global economy, empowering them to grow, innovate faster and savemoney. FatBrain’s innovative solutions transform continuous learning, narrative reasoning, cloud, blockchain and Web3 technologies into auditable, explainable and easy to integrate products. FatBrain’ssubscription model allows all companies to deploy its advanced AI solutions quickly and easily, securely utilizing them on premises behind their firewalls or via cloud. The AI 2.0 pioneered by our teams is like WAZE for business growth, using advanced peerdynamics technology to automatically learn patterns from individual and peer behavior. This allows us to deliver coached, personalized AI solutions at hyperscale.

FatBrain unifies insights from SaaS applications, turbo-charged by peer and market dynamics:

1) Realize attainable goals from explainable peer performance.

2)Turbo-charge human expertise with superhuman AI insights.

3) Accelerate growth through the contributory network effects.

4) Simplify harnessing data across common apps and market signals.

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